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Who We Are

With offices in both the US and Africa, Exeter Safari Company prides itself on creating the perfect African Safari experience with the knowledge that no two guests have the same needs, wish list or budget. As a destination, Africa offers a multitude of Safari options from ultra high-end luxury safari lodges (with private butlers attending to your every need) to intimate, affordable, well located tented camps right in the heart of the African wilderness.

At Exeter Safari Company our aim is to ensure your trip to Africa is created around your specific interests, the time you have available and the budget you are working with. Many potential travelers imagine that an African Safari must be an enormously expensive and complicated trip when really; nothing is further from the truth!

Yes, a luxury safari can quickly add up, however, having traveled and lived in Africa for over 30 years the team here at Exeter Safari Company have the local knowledge and firsthand experience to create the perfect itinerary regardless of budget.

Exeter International

Meet the Team

Greg TepperFounder

Greg’s love affair with Africa began with his very first visit in 1983. He quickly discovered the joys of an African safari and has returned almost every year since experimenting with different lodges and styles of safaris across the continent. From witnessing the great migration across the Serengeti of East Africa, to trekking with Gorillas among the volcanic mountains of Rwanda, Greg has experienced almost all Africa has to offer.

Having founded Exeter International, an award-winning luxury tour operator focusing on Eastern and Central Europe, over 25 years ago Greg decided it was time to use his wealth of travel industry experience and passion for Africa to create a similar company focusing on Africa, and so Exeter Safari Company was born. In founding Exeter Safari Company Greg wanted to demonstrate that while safaris can be an opulent affair complete with hot air balloons and luxury lodges this does not always have to be the case. With a great knowledge of Africa’s many mid-range and more down to earth safari options it is a goal of Greg’s to open the world of African Safaris to a wider audience.

As the Founder of both Exeter International and Exeter Safari Company, Greg now spends his time traveling between Europe and Africa as he continues to explore both destinations while often inviting small groups of travelers along with him as part of his signature Founders tours!

Scott SimpsonCo-Founder & General Manager

Originally hailing from South Africa, Scott has over the years experienced the Safari industry from every possible angle. Growing up every vacation and weekend away was spent exploring the African continent. By train, plane and Land Rover, Scott explored all that Africa has to offer from the idyllic winelands of Cape Town to the swampy expanse of the Okavango Delta.

After completing university, and following a year exploring Europe while working in the Cruise industry, Scott ended up in the UK where he began his career in luxury travel. Working as a Southern African Safari expert for a leading luxury travel company Scott helped hundreds of travelers discover the joys of an African Safari. During this time, he traveled frequently to and from the continent exploring different lodges, meeting local contacts and generally keeping abreast of all the new developments in the ever-evolving world of African Safaris.

Scott then returned to Africa where he took up the position of General Manger at one of Zambia’s top safari lodges located in the Lower Zambezi National Park. Scott then remained in the Safari industry managing different safari operations for several years before immigrating to the US with his American wife whom he had met while working on cruise ships many years previously. Having arrived in Tampa, Florida Scott and Greg quickly realized that their shared love of Africa and Safari travel made the launching of Exeter Safari Company an idea whose time had come.

Jeanie FundoraSenior Africa Safari Expert

Jeanie’s passion for wildlife, culture, local communities and conservation have been the cornerstone of her 25 years in the travel industry. With no less than 27 trips to the continent, when planning a luxury safari experience Jeanie’s who you want in your corner!

Jeanie often refers to Africa as her second home as she has traveled to the continent more than anywhere else on the planet. A few highlights of her travels include meeting the iconic Masai and Samburu people of Kenya; seeing the great migration and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; visiting the Orthodox churches and the famous fossils of Lucy in the National Museum of Ethiopia and spending time with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda. Her experience in Southern Africa is no less impressive with countless trips to such iconic destinations as South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia.

Jeanie’s passion for travel ignited over 25 years ago when she participated as an exchange student in a study abroad program to Northern Italy and the fire has not been quelled since. With a loyal following of longtime clients and partner travel advisors who have trusted her with every detail of their safari and travel planning, she offers each client a VIP experience. Jeanie particularly loves planning honeymoons and family travel, especially multi-generational family travel, having many first-hand experiences traveling with her young daughter on several trips and safaris to both Africa and India.

Christi GuildSenior Africa Safari Expert

Although she was born in Texas, Christi considers herself a citizen of the world, having already travelled to over 30 countries across the globe. Out of all of her travels, experiences from Africa have by far been her most treasured. From the people, their culture, and the warmth of their song and dance, to the wildlife and the untamed surroundings that envelop her senses with pure excitement, she loves all that Africa has to offer! In addition to the Big 5, Christi always has great food, sundowners, and Bomas on her safari to-do list! Ask her about her memorable travel moments and she will surely tell you about her up-close encounters Primate Trekking and on safari drives, or the mesmerizing sunsets and landscapes that have given her memories to last a lifetime.

Her love for Africa has led her to assist a wide variety of travelers in fulfilling their dream vacations to the continent, and she would be thrilled to help you in creating your perfect journey. Let Christi take the stress off of your plate, so that you can enjoy every aspect of your vacation, even before it starts!

Zach TateAfrica Safari Expert

Zach, a Florida native with an insatiable appetite for travel, spent his college years exploring the world in search of thrilling adventures. It was during his extensive travels through Africa for conservation work that he developed a deep love for what he considers the true wonder of our planet. Now, armed with a profound appreciation for Africa’s unique beauty, he has chosen to focus his career on luxury travel to Africa. Over the last few years Zach has continued to travel to Africa multiple times a year, with recent trips including destinations as diverse as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Rwanda, and Kenya.

His experiences traveling throughout Africa were particularly influential, as he encountered the mesmerizing beauty of iconic landmarks such as Victoria Falls and the expansive Okavango Delta. Having forged a profound connection with much of Africa, Zach is now committed to sharing his firsthand knowledge and passion with fellow adventurers, guiding them to uncover hidden treasures and extraordinary experiences in this captivating part of the world.

Monica KowalskiAfrica Safari Expert

Monica has always had an innate sense of adventure and a love of travel. Throughout her childhood, she traveled in the US, Canada and the Caribbean with her parents, and in the summers, often traveled to Switzerland to visit her grandparents. Getting on an airplane back then was always exciting, with a chance to explore unfamiliar territory, and that meant “adventure is waiting on the other end”.

Today those feelings still hold true, no matter the destination. Her career in the travel industry gave her the opportunities to visit more than 50 countries, but as soon as she landed on the continent of Africa, it captured her soul, and she knew she could never get enough safari in her life!

Monica’s adventures to Africa have taken her to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Madagascar. Some of her favorite places are also the less visited, such as the sand dunes in Namibia, the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana, and the game parks in southern Tanzania. Her insatiable passion for Africa keeps her returning as often as possible, and she loves to share her stories of unique animal encounters, genuine hospitality, fascinating cultures, incredible landscapes, favorite activities, and the delicious food!

Kim HenkelAfrica Safari Expert

Kim has always felt the urge to travel and explore the world. Coming from a well-traveled family, she was introduced to new cultures and experiences from a young age. Although she comes from a small town in Florida, she takes any opportunity for an adventure.

After completing university, she took a year to explore the world and traveled to six continents. Making a total of 47 counties traveled, but she hopes to continue. From all her travels, her trip to Africa was the most memorable. She fell in love with not only the beauty an African safari has to offer but also the culture and people she met on the way. With a passion to travel and to help others, Kim hopes that her experiences can help travelers on their own adventure to the beautiful continent of Africa.

Abigail ChildersAfrica Safari Expert

Abigail’s passion for travel began in college when spending a semester abroad studying international event management and tourism in the UK. Her weekends were spent traveling throughout Europe, all the while experiencing different local cultures, landscapes, and unique cuisines. In 2017, Abigail transitioned into a career in the travel industry, and immediately fell in love with Africa and all it had to offer. Beginning with a three-week adventure through East Africa, Abigail was hooked by the end of the first safari drive and decided to make Africa her full-time passion!

Since that first trip, Abigail has traveled the African continent where she has witnessed vast savannah plains dotted with acacia trees, tracked a pride of lions, and spent time in local villages where she immersed herself in this different way of life. On a recent trip to Botswana, Abigail fostered a newfound love for birding, enjoying the many lilac breasted rollers. Abigail looks forward to helping you create the perfect itinerary to Africa, whatever the destination may be!

May May HenrySales Assistant

May May has always been curious of what the world has to offer. Growing up in a small coastal town in South Carolina, she felt there was more to see and discover from the world. From studying abroad in college, to multiple family trips, May May quickly developed a passion for experiencing new cultures and customs. After all, she believes travel is the best way to meet people and learn from our beautiful planet. May May is always up for the thrill of a new adventure and is eager to expand her travels.

On a recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania, May May discovered her deep love for the vast wildlife and local cultures. Her favorite part of traveling to Africa is meeting the local people and learning about their customs and culture. She looks forward to assisting you on the trip of a lifetime to one of her favorite destinations, Africa!

Nicky MorganSenior Africa Operations Manager

Growing up in a small town in the North of South Africa, Nicky is fortunate to be a part of a family who are keen travelers with a specific interest in what South Africans refer to as “Bush Holidays”. Most vacations were spent exploring all that Southern Africa has to offer. From the sand dunes of Namibia, the waterways of the Delta in Botswana, the majestic Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, to the white sand beaches of Zanzibar and many many more. A huge part of her life has been spent soaking up the beauty of the African Continent. Additionally, living only 2 hours from the vast Kruger National Park means that many weekends consist of a “quick trip to the bush”.

Nicky feels that there is something magical about being in the African bush, that it has the ability to refresh ones soul, and she loves nothing more sharing this passion with our travelers.

Sarah SchoemanAfrica Operations Manager

Sarah’s passion for the wild was kindled in the vast expanses of Zimbabwean National Parks. Born on the Eastern edge of Zimbabwe, she spent her childhood exploring Gonarezhou’s landscapes, trekking the Eastern Highlands, and embracing the Zambezi River’s waters.

Following her studies in Johannesburg, Sarah embarked on an adventure with her young family to the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Here, she delved into the heart of nature through her work in the wildlife film industry, experiencing the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.

Her interest in fly-fishing allows her to commune with the natural world but also fosters a profound appreciation for the delicate balance of ecosystems and the creatures that inhabit them.

Her wanderlust has led her across Southern Africa and the East African Islands, where she cherishes tranquil beaches and rugged bush landscapes. From Mozambique’s pristine shores to the Drakensberg’s majestic mountains, Sarah finds inspiration in the continent’s diverse ecosystems and vibrant cultures.

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